5-star, 3-step IBS system by FixBIOME has sold out 5x in its 8 months since launch

FixBIOME Customer

FixBIOME’s sell-out gut health supplement system is changing peoples lives and guts

FixBIOME is a leading brand specialising in gut health solutions. It has gained global recognition for its revolutionary gut health products, most popularly sold as a 3-step system.

Developed by doctors and naturopaths with expertise in gut health, FixBIOME utilises a proprietary blend and manufacturing process geared towards irritable bowel syndrome and its leading root causes.

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“IBS is an umbrella diagnosis,” says the company, “It rules out a few key things, but it still excludes many underlying addressable issues.”

Coming to market in 2022, after years in R&D. FixBIOME has experienced unprecedented demand selling out five times since launch and experiencing rapid organic growth.

After experiencing severe health consequences due to poor gut health, the founder realised the importance of a comprehensive approach to gut health after she was non-responsive to traditional treatment methods and couldn’t find effective alternatives.

The start of FixBIOME

FixBIOME began as an education platform, where they simplified complex medical literature around gut health to make it easier to understand for those struggling with gut issues. The aim was to equip people with the knowledge to empower them forward on their journey. With 80% of the research on the gut taking place in the last ten years, it’s not uncommon for local doctors to not be up-to-date, making it hard for people to find answers, often being given a diagnosis of IBS with no further context.

The development of the 3-step FixBIOME system

Through extensive research and enlisting medical doctors, naturopaths, and formulation experts, the brand discovered how to stabilise natural active ingredients effectively to help tackle underlying gut conditions.

They developed a proprietary blend for each product and a trade secret manufacturing process designed to optimise the ingredients’ impact on the gut. The brand has a commitment to innovation in the space.

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The FixBIOME gut health system incorporates three key products designed to work synergistically, taken all together and most popularly purchased in the 6-8 Week Course.

Since its introduction, FixBIOME has received widespread acclaim from customers worldwide. The system has garnered rave reviews, with users reporting significant improvements in their gut health and quality of life. You can read some of their reviews by visiting https://shop.fixbiome.com/reviews/


“I just want to pass on some feedback in regards to your products. Firstly, thank you!!! I had a total gastrectomy almost 3 years ago and live with diagnosed Chron’s disease and diagnosed with SIBO mid last year, so a lot going on. After 5 rounds of antibiotics I had given up hope that I would feel healthy again. But for the first time in years I feel 1000 times better after being on your product. My skin is better and my hair has started to grow again and it’s so thick! 90% of my meals I now eat with no pain or issues. I’m starting to feel like my old self, pre total gastrectomy. So, thank you so much! I couldn’t recommend your products enough.”

New Zealand
The 3-step FixBIOME system


“I’ve finished the 8 week course & my stomach hasn’t felt this good… ever!! You guys have honestly changed my life. I have recommended the product to so many people. My brother and sister-in-law actually bought some of the products not long ago because of how amazing my results have been.”

United States
The 3-step FixBIOME system


“I have been on this journey for so long, and I’ve tried nearly everything to address my gut issues. I was so defeated and depressed and cautious to waste any more money on herbal products, but I am so glad my late-night bout of desperation had me order because I can not express how much this has improved things for me. I am not quite finished, but already this has worked better for me than anything else I have tried (herbal and antibiotic), and I am really happy and looking forward to finishing!”

The 3-step FixBIOME system

FixBIOME Customer
FixBIOME Customer

“We are thrilled by the overwhelming success and positive feedback we have received … The FixBIOME gut health system stands out due to its unique design and commitment to quality in addressing the root causes of gut issues.”

Our mission is to empower people with gut issues and provide natural solutions based on the most recent evidence that truly makes a difference.”

To learn more about FixBIOME and explore their gut health supplements system, you can shop at https://shop.fixbiome.com/ or visit their education platform https://fixbiome.com/.

For daily educational content and updates on gut health, follow FixBIOME on Instagram or search @fixbiome.

The FixBIOME system has been spoken about on CBS, NBC, USA Today and Fox for its wild success

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