Could your bloating/gut problems/IBS be SIBO?

Could your bloating/gut problems/IBS be SIBO?

Could your IBS be SIBO? Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth is one of the leading causes of IBS and painful bloating.
Take the quiz to find out if you might have it.

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1. Do you experience frequent, extreme bloating?
2. Do you have irregular bowel movements (Diarrhea or constipation)?
3. Does bloating make it hard to move comfortably?
4. Do you get the majority of your IBS symptoms occur when you eat healthy whole foods and less when you eat highly processed foods?
5. Do you have bad smelling flatulence or frequent flatulence (farts)?
6. Do you often feel exhausted after eating?
7. Do you suffer from vitamin deficiencies that can’t be explained by your diet?
8. Do you have frequent abdominal discomfort?
9. Do you often feel prematurely full even if you are still hungry?
10. Do you suffer from brain fog, anxiety or depression?
11. Do you have any skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema or strange rashes that come and go that have popped up alongside your gut issues?
12. Have you developed food intolerances that are new, or have no root cause doctors can pinpoint?
13. Do your symptoms get worse throughout the day as you eat, and if you were to fast, or not eat for 8hrs+, do they lessen in severity significantly?
14. Do you sometimes look like you’re severely bloated by night-time? (Not a little bit of bloating is completely natural and this is not what we are talking about)
15. Have you struggled to lose weight despite exercise and diet changes?
16. Have you started to lose weight without intention or struggled to gain weight despite trying?
17. Have you experienced hair loss at the same time as your gut issues?
18. Do your gut issues cause you social anxiety and make it difficult to work or leave home?

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