SIBO and chronic inflammation

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SIBO and chronic inflammation

Medically reviewed by:
Dr James Freeman

SIBO causes chronic inflammation in the body, putting your body and immune system under constant stress. That can lead to many health issues outside of your gut.

Common ones are:
• Skin issues – acne, psoriasis, eczema,
• Joint Pain
• Brain fog
• Facial swelling/bloating
• Leaky gut
• Vitamin deficiencies
• Hair loss
• Trouble losing or gaining weight
• Fatigue

Why does SIBO cause chronic inflammation?
The science

The SIBO bacteria compromise the structure between the cells in the small intestine. This can lead to abnormal intestinal permeability allowing toxins and allergens to enter the bloodstream.

Think of it like this, the constant gas created in the small intestine that was not designed to hold a lot of gas is now stretched, causing cracks in the wall and allowing waste to enter your bloodstream. Your body then recognizes these allergens and toxins and responds by mounting your immune system for a fight every time you eat.