Gut issues and damage to your relationship with food

Gut issues can have a huge effect on our eating patterns. It can affect the perceptions we form about food. Gut issues are linked to emotional…

Patient experience: SIBO and weight gain in the midsection

I was scared to take too many rounds of antibiotics as I think other antibiotics may have triggered my SIBO in the first place. That’s why I decided to take antibiotics for only two of my four rounds of treatment. Both treatments seemed to work equally as effectively, but everyone is different.

Top rated IBS apps

We have listed below top rated IBS related applications. These apps can help people with IBS better understand the available options and sort through their signs and symptoms.

Patient experience: Dating with SIBO

Let’s talk about something not talked about enough; How hard it is to date when you have stomach issues.

Why do healthy foods make me feel sick

Can you eat white bread/a biscuit/a cookie/a croissant/lollies/highly processed food with no issues? When you eat “healthy” foods like fruit and vegetables, do you feel very sick and lethargic after?

Patient experience: SIBO and weight loss

I had hydrogen SIBO, and I lost a lot of weight during that time for two reasons. One of them is far less talked about, and I think it needs to be. The first reason was 1) the type of SIBO I had extracted energy from the food I ate. And reason 2) was the disordered eating habits I developed due to the SIBO.


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Can SIBO come back?

Can SIBO come back?

If you’re wondering if small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) can come back after treatment, you’re not alone. It’s a common concern among those who have experienced this condition.

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SIBO gaslighting

SIBO gaslighting

SIBO affects women at double the rate. Unfortunately, this means even more challenges in getting diagnosed and treated. Women are disproportionately medically gaslit.

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