SIBO and food poisoning
as a secret root cause

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SIBO and food poisoning
as a secret root cause

Medically reviewed by:
Dr James Freeman

Food poisoning is a significant root cause of SIBO, but people often don’t draw the line. That is because, in some people, it can cause long-term damage to the migrating motor complex.

The science behind why

How this happens is when you get sick with food poisoning, the bacteria release CDTB toxins into your bloodstream. That mounts your immune response to protect you by creating anti-CDTB antibodies and antivinvulin antibodies.

The antivinvulin antibodies can trigger a complex immune reaction that damages the intestinal cells. These are the nerve cells that control those waves that do the housekeeping in the small intestine (migrating motor complex).

Often, sufferers don’t recognize this food poisoning as the root cause of their digestive issues because they seemingly recovered. It wasn’t until severe digestive issues started to occur until down the line. It takes time for bacteria to grow and duplicate, so sometimes it’s hard to know exactly when you started to have issues.

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