All about the small intestine

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All about the small intestine

Medically reviewed by:
Dr James Freeman

The job of the small intestine

Typically, your small intestine shouldn’t contain a lot of bacteria, and most of the bacteria are in the colon or large intestine, where they should be.

The primary function of the small intestine is to absorb nutrients from our food. When bacteria start populating your small intestine, this condition is called SIBO.

SIBO can cause tremendous gas and bloating every time you eat, leaving you intolerant to foods. It can also cause chronic inflammation and other inflammatory diseases.

Sufferers often go on extreme diets that “symptoms hide” in hopes of starving the bacteria, but this can be very challenging without first killing off the organisms and addressing the underlying issue. This tends to not be sustainable for most people long term. However, elimination diets or the “SIBO diet” may be a practical step in a multifaceted treatment plan.