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FixSIBO OP Jasmine Chilcoth

Jasmine Chilcott


Jasmine decided to pay it forward and found FixBIOME after a painful four-year personal journey with severe gut issues.

In early 2017, after being hospitalised with severe food poisoning, Jasmine seemingly recovered. However, slowly but surely she developed digestive problems. Over the next year, she lost her hair, developed skin conditions she’d never experienced, lived in daily pain, developed food and histamine intolerances, became vitamin deficient and, not entirely surprisingly, became profoundly miserable.

Despite top-level insurance, excellent access to medical care, and an extensive array of tests, no doctors seemed able to provide an answer.

She tried every gut supplement she could find and took multiple overpriced online intolerance tests. She still had no answers, and nothing had helped.

In 2021, some three years after it all began, she turned to medical literature and research. Finally, she came across some studies that enabled her gut fully recover after relapsing when using antibiotics to treat her gut issues over five times.

Jasmine realised, if she had this much medical privilege and still wasn’t effectively treated for three years, many others must be suffering far longer.

FixBIOME was created with the simple goal of providing people with research, products and community that could empower them to have a faster recovery to good gut health.

FixSIBO OP Dr James Freeman

Dr James Freeman

Chief Medical Executive

Dr James Freeman is a family physician who comes from a long line of doctors and has been practising medicine for over 2 decades.

He helped pioneer Telemedicine in Australia and has a special interest in underserved populations.

He has run medical trials, presented research at most of the world’s major gastroenterology conferences and has a number of peer reviewed articles to his credit.

He combines this international medical reputation with high level technical and engineering skills. His success working as a doctor, a start-up entrepreneur and in med/tech business around the world, ideally positions him to really help those in the emerging area of SIBO and gut health.

FixSIBO OP Dr John Freeman

Dr John Freeman

Medical Advisor

Dr John Freeman is a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and developed intensive care and haemodialysis in his early career at the Royal Hobart hospital. He has been awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study renal disease in the United States, was a board member of the College of Physicians and was awarded the John Sands medal by the college. He has published many papers in peer reviewed journals.

Dr John Freeman is a consultant physician with over 50 years of experience, including training in Queen Square London and going on to set up the Intensive Care Unit, the Coronary Care Unit and the Renal Unit at the Royal Hobart Hospital back in the days when these things needed to be invented on the fly.

Over his career he has seen ideas come in and out of fashion, sometimes more than once. “In 1944, while Dr. Burwell was Dean, women entered Harvard Medical School for the first time on an equal basis with men. In an address to students at the Medical School, he said, ‘Half of what we are going to teach you is wrong, and half of it is right. Our problem is that we don’t know which half is which.’

He then went on to say “My reason for mentioning that is firstly there is a lot about medicine we do not understand, and the gut brain axis is definitely one of those, and secondly, the historically male dominated nature of my profession has tended to under investigate what may loosely be described as women’s issues. With the catch all diagnosis irritable bowel syndrome impacting far more women than men I think our profession has been a little derelict in investigating it”.