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Do you have
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Patient experience: SIBO and food intolerance 

Patient experience: SIBO and food intolerance 

I got SIBO after a bad case of food poisoning, I contracted while overseas. I didn’t realise this at the time because it wasn’t immediately after that my problems and food intolerance began. It happened slowly over sometime.

Patient experience: SIBO and weight loss

Patient experience: SIBO and weight loss

I had hydrogen SIBO, and I lost a lot of weight during that time for two reasons. One of them is far less talked about, and I think it needs to be. The first reason was 1) the type of SIBO I had extracted energy from the food I ate. And reason 2) was the disordered eating habits I developed due to the SIBO.

Periods and SIBO

Periods and SIBO

Periods and the gut? PSP… Lets talk Period, SIBO and Poo… If you are a woman and experience periods it is very likely even if you have the healthiest of guts, you experience some digestives changes. Loose poos, diarrhea and constipation are very common before and during your period.

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